Brighton is the best city for employee work-life balance benefits

Those who work in Brighton have several more reasons to be happy, other than the obvious benefits of living in a fantastically vibrant city nestled between the  beautiful South Downs on one side and the seaside on the other.

Research conducted by business travel experts Red7 have revealed that employers in Brighton offer more perks associated with work-life balance than other UK locations.  Brightonians will be happy to learn that the city topped tables in terms of the overall benefits offered at 2.5 perks per job role, followed by Bristol at 1.6 perks per job and Cardiff at 1.5.

The study analysed job adverts for five top career roles in ten locations across the UK.  It recorded the frequency that perks appeared across a minimum of 50 job adverts for each location and then the results were compiled to reveal which cities offered the most benefits according to a range of categories.

Work-life balance benefits, including flexi hours and free holiday days for birthdays, accounted for 6.5 per cent of all benefits offered by employers in the Brighton.

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